Authentic and Pure Kani Paldaar Pashmina

GI White Kaani Paldaar Pashmina


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Handmade White Kaani Paldaar Kashmiri Pashmina

We have the purest and the most beautiful handwoven and hand spun cashmere for you with the GI certificate to prove its authenticity. The GI label will be attached to each hand woven Kashmiri Pashmina shawl after testing the originality of fabric, fineness of thread, spinning method and weaving technology. The GI Certificate is in accordance with the TRIPS agreement of the World Trade Organization and Pashmina has been registered under GI mainly to protect the weavers and spinners who have suffered widely because of fake and cheap products floating in the market.

This legendary White Kani Paldaar with pashmina base is intricately woven by using small wooden spokes in the place of a “shuttle” as in a traditional loom. These spokes are called “tujii” or Kani locally. The exclusive Kani shawl made from the perfect craftsmanship over the years will be an addition to your rare luxuries.

40 inches – 80 inches approx.

Kani Paldaar

110 gm approx.

We have only one product for each design as raw materials are limited and harvesting is done only once in an year. If we have the product in stock we can ship it out immediately and you can get the product depending on your location.

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