Madhubani Painting

Tree of Life


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Traditional Madhubani painting on handmade paper using natural colors.

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Madhubani paintings is believed to have originated 2500 years ago when the palace of Mithila was decorated with this art to celebrate the royal wedding of princess Sita with lord Rama. These paintings are known for vibrant colors and labor intensive designs as the entire canvas is covered with intricate motifs. Madhubani paintings usually depict deities from epics and folklore while Nature forms an intrinsic part of the paintings. They remind us how human beings and nature co exist.

Tree of life is more than just a painting. It has a deeper hidden meaning and exhibits the circle of life. A lion is growling and chasing its prey while the huge tree and exotic birds stand as a witness, without disturbing the flow of life. Sun is depicted as a God silently observing everything like a sage.

ARTIST INFO : Painting by Vidyanath Jha is made on handmade paper with natural colors using pen nibs and brushes.

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22″ x 15″

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