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Bidriware tray


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This Bidriware tray with exquisite Persian motifs has gleaming black inlay work on a silver base.

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Bidri Art is a beautiful amalgamation of cultures brought to India delicately imprinted in mixture of copper, zinc and silver metals. It takes 8 laborious steps to complete the craft resulting in a gleaming black surface with contrasting silver designs, standing as symbol of Royalty and Timeless Beauty. There is a special emphasis on the oxidizing quality of the soil found only in Bidar, India so this art cannot be replicated in other areas.

This Bidriware tray with exquisite designs is unlike other Bidriware items that have black as the prominent colour. This plate is silver with black lines.

MATERIAL : Zinc, Copper and Silver

DIAMETER : 6 inches

WEIGHT : 750 gms

SHIPPING INFO : Dispatched in 2-3 weeks

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