Metal Arts - Hammered to perfection


Bidri Metal Art holds a significant position in the ancient handicrafts and is recognized by art lovers all across the world. It is a beautiful amalgamation of cultures brought to India delicately imprinted in mixture of copper, zinc and silver metals. Despite the recognition and position, Bidri art is facing the adverse effects of modernization. Artisans are mostly elderly as the younger generation is reluctant to learn this art which pays them too little for the hard work involved.


Dhokra is one of the earliest methods of non-ferrous metal casting known to human civilization. Every piece of this art is unique as the mould cannot be used again. Somewhere between globalization, we pushed this ancient art form into one dusty corner and forgot all about it. Its time we revive it as there are only 57 artist families left now who need our support to carry this legacy.